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This is one of them books, for me personally, that I realised as soon as I read the prologue that the book was on one of my favourite subject areas and if it was as good as I thought it was going to be that I wouldn't want it to finish and be left wanting more.

Even though the author states in his prologue that his characters are not the real, JFK, Fidel Castro,  God and God's son Jesus, I think this is the author sense of humour which is strongly evident throughout, it's hard not to relate the characters to the real people. 

In order to prevent conflict between JFK and Castro God sends his son to earth to solve it.

The author's knowledge and research shines through the characters and the way they think.  A struggle of ideologies of two different people who wanted to achieve the same goal for the best of their people, one through a dictatorship and the other through democracy.

This booked had me hooked from page one, the descriptions and thoughts of the characters give the readers real food for thought .The author uses very clever examples of how one mans actions
can make you think about your beliefs and are they the right or can you change them for the better.

As the story developed the writers humour really comes through on a par with Tom Sharpe .The author places Castro in some excellent situations which both challenge and explain his reasoning and beliefs.

This is an excellent and enthralling read and I really hope that I can obtain or purchase the authors other publications.

Publicado em 6 Fevereiro 2013





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