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Having once compared Fidel to a demon, the priest now seemed to recognize divine qualities in him. This was entirely natural, since in politics, today’s truth is tomorrow’s lies.

Novels like The Tragedy of Fidel Castro are the untamed mustangs of fiction that, unlike most other books, run wild and free, contemptuous of the confinement that the corral of ordinary classification would imprison them in.
João Cerqueira João Cerqueira

For readers accustomed to conventional story telling, João Cerqueira’s book is a walk on the wild side. It constantly goes off in unexpected directions while somehow staying true to its narrative line. The result is disorienting at first, yet the reader readily adapts.

Rather than attempt any kind of plot description (click on the book cover illustration below if you think that would help), let’s just say that, in sum, The Tragedy of Fidel Castro is compulsively readable and worth a look.

Parental warning: Some rough language and risque situations.

Publicado em 27 Fevereiro 2013





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