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"Joao Cerqueira's Tragedy of Fidel Castro is a phantasmagoric odyssey through a highly imaginative prose universe of discovery and inquest. It's a magic realism hybrid of sacrificial lambs and Revolution, capitalistic decadence, and celestial consequence--in a dimension where the cogs of time got jammed. I expect that this rich and unique narrative voice will illuminate a phosphorescent trajectory in the future annals of the New Millennial World Lit!"
-Mark Spitzer - Toad Suck Review Editor, Professor of Writing at the University of Central Arkansas

"a smart, energetic and funny piece of writing."
-Bethany Gibson, Fiction Editor of Goose Lane Editions

"Brilliant satire, playfully serious [...] do not waste even a single paragraph"
-Rita Bonet, Os Meus Livros

"The author brilliantly balances the formal tone and themes of capitalism, socialism and religion with an appropriate dose of the ridiculous. [...] The feeling I got with each page was one that I compare to the first time I read The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan. I might not get it completely at first but it all ties together by the end and there's a feeling of having expanded my world view a bit on every page. [...] If you're a fan of satire, history, or generally good literature, I highly recommend this novel.
-Rabid Readers Review

"João Cerqueira rewrote history, and did so with great inspiration!"

"Cerqueira's writing is elegant and challenging; light and titillating. [...] The Tragedy of Fidel Castro is a delightful book. I highly recommend it."
-Melissa Brown Levine for Independent Professional Book Reviewers

"João Cerqueira shows a great imagination and a sense of humor far from innocent [...]"
-Blogue Bela Lugosi is Dead

"In my opinion there was only one Portuguese novel that had all the conditions to win the style of magical realism: The Tragedy of Fidel Castro"
-Blog Fanzine Tertuliando

"an imaginative author who masters metaphorical discourse and who can debate on national and international events, as well as both sacred and profane figures.''
-Livros & Leituras

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

the marvelous existential doubt of God
By Diego Scapusio

"A catastrophic war is nearing. Fátima calls God and informs him of the current situation. God speaks with his son and tries to convince him to return to earth again. Christ is not so keen but ultimately obeys his parent.

In the meantime, and in secret, the enemies in question exchange Christmas gifts: JFK receives boxes of Cuban cigars without equal and Fidel Castro sips demijohns of bourbon.
It could easily be another Monty Python script. John Cerqueira serves us this brilliant, playfully serious satire, which follows the rise and fall of the greatest leader of the Cuban revolution.
Besides the blatant subtlety of the denouncement, we have the opportunity to contemplate ourselves, not in a mirror, but perhaps rather in a house of mirrors, the sort you find at funfairs, which distort your image to point of laughter, even though the image is still yours.

Be surprised how the delicious dance scene between Fidel and Varadero (the Cuban spy) that almost ends in live sex can live alongside the depth of questions such as: "Does pain purify the soul or corrupt it for good?"
In short, don't waste even a single paragraph in this tragedy where not even God knows if he has been fired or is about to be.

Pros: humor in all its splendor, hilarious dialogues, the marvelous existential doubt of God, the RMPW (Revolutionary Movement of Patriotic Whores)

Cons: there are none"

comedy to get your teeth into
By C. Lang

"I have a Portuguese friend and fellow avid reader who had mentioned Joao Cerqueira to me a couple of times and recommended his work...shame, I always thought, why hasn't this guy been translated yet? Now that he has, and the English speaking world has a chance at last to enter Cerqueira's comedic world, I can finally see what my friend was raving about. If you like to be entertained on all levels while you read then give 'The Tragedy of Fidel Castro' a go...intelligent comedy could never get better - laughter and philosophical thought all wrapped up in an engaging read! I love the divine conversations, the quirky characters and the subtle meaning behind the whole thing. I hope this writer has more of his work translated soon!"

Publicado em 17 Janeiro 2013





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