The Dark Secrets of Lisbon

Luís Corte Real

Chancela: Saida de Emergência
Data 1ª Edição: 06/04/2023
ISBN: 9789897735028
Nº de Páginas: 372
Dimensões: [160x230]mm
Encadernação: Capa Mole
Preço Capa: 17,70 €
Preço Final: 15,93 €
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Who is Benjamim Tormenta, the famous detective of the occult who wanders through the 19th century Lisbon?

Elegant but mysterious, Benjamim Tormenta is caught all around, from the luxurious salons of the capital to the decadent alleyways of Alfama, from the abandoned palaces in Sintra to the opium houses in distant Macau.

Crossing paths with historical figures like King Luís, powerful politicians, revered artists and common street thugs, he uses his abilities deep within a secret Lisbon: that of the black gods summoned by idle bourgeois, aberrations arriving from the other side of the Cosmos, cursed books and the most dangerous secret society of the Portuguese empire, the Brotherhood of the Green Serpent.
What few may know is that Tormenta also hides a deep, terrible secret. Trapped in his body, enclosed by the magic of a thousand tattoos, lies an ancient demon who wants to break free and bring total chaos and destruction, first to Lisbon… and then to the whole world.

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